Welcome to the website. The information and products listed here relate to Dunlop Air Assistance Air Suspension kits. These kits are simple to install and fitted in addition to your original suspension in place of the bump stop for load support. These are the very best kits on the market, and sold in the UK by AirRide Sales Limited. All kits use high quality genuine automotive airbags rated for temperatures between -30 C and 60 C. All brackets are electroplated thick metal and all kits are properly developed and properly located. Most kits are bump stop replacement kits which are easy to install and load specific. These kits are the very best air assistance kits available on the market and most are rated as DIY or local garage fitment. Optional compressors and gauges are also available.

This site relates to load support kits for vans, pick-ups and motorhomes. If you are looking for kits for cars which offer lowering then please check out our sister site at AirRide where you will also find a vast range of air suspension accessories, spares and fittings.


Load Support

These kits are fitted in addition to the original suspension for load support. They are very simple to install but will not lower beyond your current suspension level. Can take massive load.

Simple DIY Fitment

All Dunlop kits are simple to install and are rated as DIY fitment. They can also be fitted by almost any local garage. No need to travel to an air suspension specialist for fitment.

Full Detailed Instructions

All kits come with full and detailed instructions showing exactly how to fit the kit. These are available in advance if you are unsure. Full telephone/email support from people who have fitted air suspension for decades.

Improves Stability

The dunlop kits improve stability which helps in crosswinds, at junctions, roundabouts and on the road. Generally makes your vehicle more pleasant to drive, improving your confidence in the vehicle.

Improves Ride Quality

By recovering lost suspension motion these air suspension conversion kits allow the suspension to do its job of ironing out bumps in the road which reduces wear on the vehicle and gives a smoother ride.

Improves Ground Clearance

Fitting Dunlop AirRide suspension will increase ground clearance to prevent or reduce grounding, assist with towing and is particularly helpful on motorhomes.

7 inch Automotive Airbag

Almost all the dunlop range of suspension kits use a 7 inch double or triple convoluted airbag. This is a proper high quality vehicle rated airbag.

Precision-made Brackets

All Dunlop kits include the best quality brackets on the market - all are a direct, accurate and simple fit and will not fall off or slide around your axle.

O Ring Sealed Fittings

All our management kits use full O ring sealed lines for long durable and reliable life. We also use suspension grade nylon lines and do not use barbed fittings.


Air suspension can be complicated, especially when buying for the first time. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions. We will be happy to provide information to ensure you order the correct kit for your van, motorhome or pick-up.


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